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  Each $107.80 $107.80
Here we have the strong mass airflow sensors with the leter and number designation on the body. These are the ones that have the revision to compensate for some earlier sensors dropping signal with increased airflow or in some atmospheric conditions especially after installing an intake such as a Vararam.
  UOM Qty MSRP Price
  Each $39.99 $39.99
Skip shift eliminator
Decide for yourself what gear you want to be in! Dump that annoying first-to-fourth "skip-shift" GM incorporates into the 6-speed Camaro, Firebird, Corvette, GTO, GXP and Dodge Challenger's with SLP's Skip-Shift Eliminator. This PLUG IN piece requires no additional modifications to your vehicle. With it in place, you take complete control over gear selection. Isn't that why you got a 6-speed? Plug in installation. Shipped complete including easy installation instructions.
  UOM Qty MSRP Price
  Each $1,650.00 $1,650.00
Audio System - Subwoofer
Take your Camaro's technology to a higher level with an upgraded Audio System-Subwoofer. This system adds two 10-inch subs and a matched 200 watt amplifier to your Camaro in a custom, sealed enclosure. The system is tuned to enhance the factory GM sound system, adding low, clean sounding bass for true quality music reproduction. It's like putting surround sound in your Camaro. NOTE: SHIPPING WILL BE 35.00! The website will charge a shipping charge but we will adjust it off once we process the order
  UOM Qty MSRP Price
  Each $195.00 $195.00
Personal Device Interface Module (PDIM)
This Personal Device interface Module (PDIM) allows the user to plug their remote audio devices (iPod, MP3 player, etc.) into the USB port. The PDIM allows for command and control of the remote audio device through the radio and steering wheel controls.
  UOM Qty MSRP Price
  Each $399.99 $399.99
Auxiliary Gauge Pack


Fits all 2010-2012 only.  Does not fit 2013 Camaros

We have revised this kit to make it better than the one that comes direct from GM.  Our kit still uses all new GM parts but we have added the hardware to hardmount the gauges to the bezel just like it would be if done at the factory!  Also is available with standard USA guages or metric for other countries!

Keep tabs on vital vehicle functions with this Auxiliary Gauge Package. Includes Oil Pressure, Battery Volt, Oil Temperature, and Transmission Fluid Temperature gauges.  The website will calculate a higher shipping charge but we will adjust it to 20.00 once we process the order.


Instructions, harness, gauges, top console trim, hardware to mount guages to plate

  UOM Qty MSRP Price
  Each $729.00 $729.00
Kit to add in the HUD to 5th Gen Camaros
This is the complete kit to add a HUD to your Camaro. It includes the display (projector) switch, dash trim bezel, display bolts and nuts. The only additional item needed is a custom built harness ..... This item will ship anywhere in the 48 states for 20.00 flat fee. (The website will charge more but we will refund the difference once we process the order) 
  UOM Qty MSRP Price
  Each $89.99 $89.99
CTEK Multi US 3300

Our most popular, flexible and versatile smarter charger

The MULTI US 3300 (Part No. 56-158) is a versatile battery charger in a compact format that makes it convenient and easy to charge and maintain all household vehicles. The special cold mode means that you can also charge during cold winters days without problems.

Perfect for car, vintage car, personal water craft, boats with one battery, boats with start & service battery, scooter, motorcycle, Quad/ATV, lawnmower, caravan, and tractor.

Includes two interchangeable connection leads, one with clamps, and one with eyelet terminals. See complementary accessories.

Testimonials | Troubleshooting Guide | Manual

A Great All-Around Charger

CTEK offers a wide range of NEW GENERATION battery chargers. Unlike old battery chargers, CTEK chargers are designed with a focus on simplicity, safety and flexibility. The MULTI US 3300 is the charger that every household needs. It is perfectly suited for motorcycles, cars, lawn mowers, jet skis and any other vehicle with batteries up to 120Ah. Simply connect it and battery problems are in the past.

Fully automatic - for charging and maintenance

There is no need for any specific knowledge of batteries or their charging methods; the MULTI US 3300 will take care it. Once switched to the preferred mode, the charger takes its own readings and then begins to charge the battery. Once it is finished charging, it will automatically switch to its maintenance phase - CTEK's patented pulse charging - arguably the most caring mode for a battery connected for a long time. Simply connect it to solve most battery problems from the past.

Flexible for different battery needs

The MULTI US 3300 is specifically developed for different needs, vehicles and batteries. There is a choice between three different modes. The low current mode (the motorcycle icon) is perfect for smaller 12V batteries such as motorbikes, lawn mowers, jet skies, snowmobiles, etc. The higher current mode (the car icon) is for automotive or marine applications with larger batteries. Finally, an additional winter mode (the snowflake) is specifically aimed at charging and maintenance in cold weather. It is also perfectly suited for Optima Red Top batteries.

Patented desulphation function

Unused batteries lose their power and their life is shortened through sulphation. It is also more difficult to charge sulfated batteries. The MULTI US 3300 has a patented method for reconditioning sulfated batteries. The charger analyzes the state of the battery and, if possible, recovers the battery and its power.

Compatible with other electronic equipment

Most vehicles today are equipped with sensitive electronic systems. Unlike less-sophisticated chargers, there is no need to disconnect the battery; the MULTI US 3300 is specially designed to not damage electronic systems.

Made for all weather conditions and situations

The MULTI US 3300 is prepared to charge and maintain, no matter the weather, temperature or situation. The MULTI US 3300 is extremely robust and water and dust resistant (IP65 classification). The MULTI US 3300 is certified for use between -4°F and +122°F. In order to make things easier and more convenient, the Comfort Connect (eyelet terminals) can be permanently connected to the vehicle's battery.

Designed for safety

All CTEK models are designed to consider the safety of the user. They are spark free, making the connection much easier and safer considering the gases batteries normally produce. The MULTI US 3300 is also protected from reverse-polarity connections and is short-circuit proof. A red light on the charger will simply indicate that the charging cannot begin until the user has connected the charger correctly

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